A Brief Overview of Traditional Ethiopian Stir-Fry Dishes: Tibs and Derek Tibs

Ethiopian cuisine is an excellent place to start if you’re looking to try something new and exotic. Its most popular dishes are stir-fried meat dishes, referred to as Tibs and Derek Tibs. These tasty creations combine different flavors and spices to create a truly unique experience. Ethiopian cuisine has everything if you’re looking for a flavorful beef dish, something more adventurous like goat, or just a classic chicken stir-fry.

Traditional Ethiopian Stir-Fry Dishes: Tibs and Derek Tibs

Tibs is a popular choice in Ethiopia for its flavorful sauces with an incredible blend of seasonings and spices. These sauces commonly consist of berbere paste made from dried chilies, garlic, onion, ginger, basil, and other herbs and spices, as well as kibe (clarified butter), which adds a layer of flavor to the dish.

Popular meats used in Tibs include beef, chicken, fish, and goat. Depending on what sauce is used for the dish. The meats are typically cut into cubes or strips. And they’re pan-cooked with the sauce until they’re cooked through, and the sauce has thickened.

On the other hand, Derek Tibs takes on a slightly different form than traditional Tibs. They are usually prepared with less sauce but more dry seasonings such as garlic powder or ginger powder. This creates a drier version of the dish that isn’t quite as heavy on the tongue yet still packs plenty of flavor into each bite. 

Popular meats used in Derek Tibs include beef, lamb, goat, and occasionally fish – depending on personal preference. Again the meats are cut into cubes or strips before being quickly fried in a hot pan with just enough oil to keep them from sticking together.

Tibs and Derek Tibs - Which is Better?

Whether you go with one of the traditional varieties, such as Tibs, or go for something slightly different, like Derek Tibs, Ethiopian cuisine offers plenty of options when preparing stir-fried meat dishes. 

Beef remains one of the most popular choices for both varieties due to its rich flavor and relatively quick cooking time.

 However, those who enjoy spicier dishes may opt for either chicken or goat when selecting their meats since both tend to be able to absorb more flavors from sauces and dry seasonings than beef does. 

Finally, those who prefer something lighter may want to try out fish since it tends to be less fatty than red meat while still having its unique flavor profile that will add depth to any dish.

Give Your Culinary Experience a Test!

Derek Tibs and regular Tibs have been delighting tastebuds around Ethiopia for centuries - something that looks set to continue into our future culinary adventures too! 

If you’re ready to give either version a try at home, start by grabbing your favorite meats plus those aforementioned seasonings before putting your wok skills to good use!