Street Injera The Delicious Nutritious Beyainatu

Beyainatu is a traditional vegetarian Ethiopian dish, meaning “a bit of every type.” This colorful and flavorful meal consists of a combination of several vegetables cooked in various herbs and spices. For seasoning, typical ingredients for Beyainatu include potatoes, spinach, cabbage, green beans, carrots, ginger, and garlic. This flavorful mix of veggies can be served alone or with injera(flatbread).

This unique dish has been popular in Ethiopia for centuries due to its many health benefits. Beyainatu is naturally low in saturated fat and calories as an entirely plant-based meal. The variety of fresh vegetables in the dish also provides a great source of dietary fiber and essential vitamins and minerals such as vitamin A, vitamin C, potassium, and magnesium.

A plant-based diet is known to positively affect heart health due to the abundance of healthy fats and antioxidants in fresh produce. In addition to being rich in vitamins and minerals, the ginger used to season this dish is known to help reduce inflammation within the body.

How to Make Beyainatu

Making Beyainatu is simple enough that anyone can give it a try!


Peeled potatoes
Green beans

Step 1: Start heating oil over medium heat in a large pot.

Step 2: Once hot, add diced onions to the pot and minced garlic and ginger before cooking for two minutes until softening.

Step 3: Add cubed potatoes before covering them with water or vegetable broth so they can cook for about 10 minutes until tender yet firm.

Step 4: Once your potatoes are almost finished cooking, add in shredded carrots, chopped green beans, and finely chopped cabbage, followed by cooked spinach leaves, which can be cooked down for around five minutes until all vegetables are cooked through but still crunchy.

Step 5: Lastly season the dish with salt, pepper, and additional garlic if desired before serving!

Pro Tip: Add onions or bell peppers for a more vibrant flavor profile. These vegetables can be cut into slices or cubes before cooking and arranged on a large plate or in individual portions.

Give Beyainatu a Try Today!

There’s no denying that Beyainatu is incredibly tasty and full of nutritional benefits, making it perfect for those looking to incorporate more plant-based meals into their diets without sacrificing flavor or texture! Not only is this colorful mix of vegetables naturally low in calories and fat, but they also provide an abundance of dietary fiber and essential vitamins such as vitamins A & C and minerals like potassium & magnesium, which are essential for overall health. Moreover, adding ginger gives this dish anti-inflammatory properties, making it ideal for anyone looking to improve their healthy immune system. With how easy it is to make Beyainatu at home, you should try it if you haven’t already – you won’t regret it!